Preservation Society of Charleston
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The Preservation Society of Charleston is dedicated to recognizing, protecting and advocating for the Lowcountry’s historic places.

As the oldest community-based historic preservation organization in America, we are the sum total of our members and friends, a dedicated group of residents and supporters of preservation from across the country who believe that some things are worth saving.

  • The 39th Annual Fall Tours

    The 39th Annual Fall Tours

    Charleston's historic charm comes alive as guests are invited into the city's most historic houses
  • Charleston Heritage Symposium

    Charleston Heritage Symposium

    Engaging lectures coupled with visits to a privately-held period home and southern hospitality
  • The Preservation Society Shop

    The Preservation Society Shop

    The PSC Shop carries an eclectic mix of locally crafted goods relevant to the historic fabric of the Lowcountry
  • Preservation Conversation

    Preservation Conversation

    Keep up to date with our blog posts ranging from historical tidbits to the latest topics in preservation