Reducing our Impact! Local Green Initiatives . . . & LINKS!

What is your carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact your activities have on the environment.

It relates to the amount of greenhouse gases produced in our day-to-day lives through burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportation etc. Your carbon footprint is a measurement of all greenhouse gases you individually produce.

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For more information on the rehabiliation or alteration of historic properties for sustainability, visit the City of Charleston's website!


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Local Initiatives!

The establishment of the Charleston Green Committee marks the city's efforts to create a Plan for Climate Protection and Sustainability. Comprised of local business, non-profit, academic and government leaders, the Green Committee has developed the
Charleston Green Plan: A Roadmap to Sustainability.

CharlestonWISEâ„¢ is a new low-interest rate financing program for home and business owners in Charleston - designed specifically for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements to your home or commercial property.

The Sustainability Institute (SI) is an award-winning, nonprofit, 501c(3) organization with a mission of empowering South Carolina communities to transform our homes and workplaces to conserve energy and reduce our overall environmental impact. Focus areas of SI include: Weatherizing Homes; Green Building Training & Services; and Community Education and Outreach

The Coastal Conservation League's mission to protect the natural environment of the South Carolina coastal plain and to enhance the quality of life in our communities by working with individuals, businesses and government to ensure balanced solutions.

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