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199 St. Philip Street
Hope & Union Coffee Company

Owner: 199 St. Philip Street LLC
Architect: AJ Architects LLC
Project Team: Palmetto Craftsman Inc. & John Vergel de Dios & Harper Poe, Owners of Hope and Union Coffee Company

The building at 199 St. Philip Street was built in the late 1800’s. It is the only remaining structure of four “sister” houses built along what was formerly Brown’s Court. The single house fell into extreme disrepair after the abandonment of Brown’s Court in the late 1900’s. The property was purchased and renovations began in 2007.

199 St. Philip Street was in a dilapidated state due to sitting vacant and lack of maintenance. The wood framing members were heavily rotted and the house had been modified in the 20th century with insensitive alterations and additions.

The exterior work program was extensive and required demolition of the 20th century rear addition, a brick screen wall, concrete and iron piazzas, an exterior stair, and the piazza enclosure, all later modifications to the historic structure. Due to the severe wood rot, much of the houses frame work had to be replaced. Both the masonry foundation and the chimney needed stabilization as well and were repointed. A new piazza enclosure and a modern addition replaced the 20th century alterations. The addition limits the impact on the historic structure and is constructed of similar materials to the historic structure but in its own distinct style.

Today the building adds life and activity to St. Philip Street as Hope and Union Coffee Company.

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