Preservation Society of Charleston

Please join us for the 63rd Annual Carolopolis Awards January 19, 2017!

The Preservation Society of Charleston is dedicated to recognizing, protecting and advocating for the Lowcountry’s historic places.

We are committed to advocacy efforts that protect and preserve our architectural and cultural heritage, educational initiatives that raise awareness of our unique and historic built environment, and awards and recognition programs designed to encourage public participation and appreciation of historic preservation.


Founded in 1920 by Susan Pringle Frost, the Preservation Society of Charleston is the oldest community-based historic preservation organization in America. Formed out of concern for the 1802 Joseph Manigault House, the small group of individuals was instrumental in its restoration and the formation of America's first zoning ordinance to protect historic resources. The 1931 ordinance established the first Board of Architectural Review and designated a 138-acre "Old and Historic District." The district has since been expanded to include more than 4,800 historic structures.


  • Kristopher B. King
    Executive Director
  • Sandra Clerici
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Robert M. Gurley
    Director of Preservation
  • Tim L. Condo
    Manager of Preservation Initiatives
  • Corie Hipp
  • Susan Epstein
    Fall Tours Manager
  • Andy Archie
    Director of Retail Operations
  • Evan Farmer
    Retail Assistant


Executive Committee

Betsy Kirkland Cahill

Beau Clowney

Walter Fiederowicz

Cindy Hartley

John Massalon

Stephan D. Zacharkiw

Board Members

Adelaida Uribe Bennett
J. Anderson Berly III
J. Elizabeth Bradham
Julia-Ellen C. Davis
Philip Dufford
Glen Gardner
Mary E. S. Hanahan
Irish Ryan Neville
Sally J. Smith
Debra Treyz
Sheila Wertimer


Lynn S. Hanlin
T. Hunter McEaddy
James R. McNab, Jr.
Daniel Ravenel
Helga Vogel
Jane O. Waring

Directors Emeritus

Norman Haft
Jane Thornhill