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2017 Carolopolis Award Recipients

720 Magnolia Road
Owner: Kingfisher Investments VI, LLC
Nominator: John Hagerty, Manager of the owner LLC
Designer: Susan Simons
Contractor: Riverland Builders, LLC

The brick school building at 720 Magnolia Drive was first opened as a public elementary school in the mid-twentieth century, and was historically known as Albemarle Elementary School. The school closed its doors in the early 1980’s, and after abandonment in 2011, the building was vacant until rehabilitation work commenced in 2017. The building is now an event and gathering space known as The Schoolhouse.

Preservation of the historic character and fabric was integrated with goals of retaining a traditional neighborhood gathering space. Through this project, original oak flooring was retained throughout, and dropped ceilings were removed to expose original wood trusses. Original concrete floors were maintained and polished, and windows were repaired in place where possible. Over all, historic spatial relationships were maintained by preserving the dimensions of most original classrooms, hallways and gathering spaces, maintaining its connection as an historic community space.

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