The PSC is hiring a Director of Operations

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations (DO) oversees the day-to-day operation of the organization in support of annual objectives and long-term strategy. The DO is responsible for operations management, financial management, retail operations, human resources and staffing. The DO reports to the Executive Director.

The Fall Tours Manager and Accounting Staff report to this position. The DO works directly with the Director of Retail Operations and the Director of Advancement.
The key responsibilities of the Director of Operations are:

Operations Management

  • Directs the day-to-day ongoing business operations of the Society.
  • Improves the overall operating efficiency of the organization through standard operating procedures or the introduction of new methods for getting work accomplished.
  • Leads and brings together the necessary staff and resources to produce successful programs and events for the Society.
  • Working with Senior staff develops and manages the organizational calendar, and ensures successful planning and coordination of programs and events.

Financial Management

  • Working with the Executive Director, develops the annual budget and all detailed supporting exhibits.
  • Directs all activities related to financial reporting, forecasting and maintaining proper financial controls.
  • Manages all accounting functions including accounts payable and payroll.
  • Provides regular standardized reporting to the Executive Director, board and finance committee.
  • Provides forecasting and cash flow management

Retail Operations

  • Working with the Executive Director and Director of Retail Operations, develops annual and monthly goals for inventory, revenues and profit.
  • Closely monitors financial results from retail operations and insures goals are being met.
  • Coordinates organizational cash flow needs with retail cash flow needs.


  • Working with the Director of Advancement, establishes detailed goals and supporting activities for the year that increase the amount of funds raised for the Society.
  • In coordination with the Director of Advancement, assists in the development of concepts and plans for key programs and events to enhance and support the Society‚Äôs fundraising efforts.

Human Resources and Staffing

  • Develops and implements appropriate human resource policies related to payroll, benefits, and general employment.
  • Manages personnel and makes staffing decisions as appropriate. Provides regular feedback to staff regarding performance, strengths and areas for development.
  • In coordination with the Executive Director, maintains a positive working environment and enhances teamwork, employee communications and morale.

This position will be required to work out of the PSC office in Charleston, SC. All qualified candidates should apply by submitting a cover letter and resume via email prior to September 6, 2019 to Hiring Manager at No telephone calls, please.