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Irish in Charleston

saint michaels 1861

Saint Michael’s Church in 1861 (via

Article edited August 1, 2017 re: James Hoban and footnote number 12.

One reason Charleston’s history is so alluring is that it is multi-layered, complex, and flavored with the diversity of several ethnic, cultural, and religious groups. In the late-17th century, inhabitants of the nascent colony included Africans, West Indians, Sephardic Jews from Portugal and Spain, Scots, French Huguenots, Germans, Dutch, Irish, and of course English.[1] All of these groups have left their mark on the city in one way or another, but in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day, of particular focus here is the contribution of Irish and Irish-Americans to Charleston’s built environment. Continue reading



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Susan Macdonald’s article, “Contemporary Architecture in Historic Urban Environments,” discusses the complex issue of adding new layers to historic cities over time. It is critical that contemporary architecture reinforce the existing context and architectural value of a place, rather than detract from it by standing out and running counter to the finely-tuned grain of an historic area’s “look” and “feel” (i.e., the siting, setback, height, rhythm, scale, and massing of its buildings). Continue reading