Erin Minnigan Mehard – Biography

preservation-admin , February 1, 2022

Erin Minnigan Mehard is the Director of Historic Preservation and oversees the Preservation Society’s preservation programs, and planning and zoning advocacy. Bringing a wealth of experience in technical preservation, design review, and public process, Minnigan is passionate about maintaining the authenticity of Charleston’s unique historic environment by promoting managed growth and shaping compatible new development.

Mehard previously served as the Board of Architectural Review-Small Administrator for the City of Charleston and the Preservation and Development Planner for the City of St. Augustine. She has contributed to and presented on a number of projects regarding community revitalization, historic designation of sites associated with underrepresented communities, and flood adaptation strategies for historic structures. Minnigan holds a B.A. in Historic Preservation & Community Planning from the College of Charleston and Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Florida.


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