Recycling Buildings: Preservation & Energy Conservation

The greatest threat to older and historic buildings proves to be demolition.

Demolition by the Numbers
National Trust for Historic Preservation

Globally our current building stock consists of around 300 billion square feet. A 2004 Brookings Institution report projects that
by 2030 we will have demolished & replaced 82 billion square feet, almost 1/3 of our current building stock.

82 billion square feet of building material in our landfills is the equivalent of 2600 football stadiums full of debris.

The energy needed to demolish and rebuild that estimated 82 billion square feet . .would power the state of California (the 9th largest economy in the world) for 10 years.

Today approximately 25% of the material being added to the landfills is demolition and construction waste. With the excessive amount of waste our country produces each year, we cannot afford to simply bulldoze and build anew.