Preservation Society of Charleston

Lunch Lecture

"Creating Intimate Garden Spaces" Lunch Lecture, Noon

Creating Intimate Garden Spaces lecture by Louisa Pringle Cameron addresses design mostly in small garden spaces but also in very large gardens, including hardscape, plants, and outdoor furniture. European as well as American and specifically Charleston gardens are featured, covering formal and informal ideas.

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"Back of the House: Life Behind the Big House" Lunch Lecture, Noon

Donald West is an instructor and coordinator in the Department of History, Humanities and Political Science at Trident Technical College. He teaches US history, African history and African American history. Mr. West will discuss the life of enslaved African Americans and their role behind the big house.

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"Tales of an Historic Restoration" Lunch Lecture, Noon

Just what lurks behind the walls of Charleston’s historic houses? Why are preservation conscious owners part detective, part historian, and totally passionate about maintaining the historic integrity of their home? Join us for a virtual walk through a restoration in progress – and tales of the many discoveries Charleston homeowners have made. Join Preservation Society Executive Director Kristopher King as he discusses the trials and challenges of restoring a historic house in Charleston, SC.

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"Adorned for the Dead: Mourning Jewlery Traditions in Charleston" Lunch Lecture, Noon

Life could be short in early Charleston, disrupted by disease, war, and a harsh environment. Charlestonians often coped with loss by adorning themselves with mourning jewelry. Learn about this haunting, but touching custom of the 18th and 19th century. Grahame Long of The Charleston Museum will discuss the mourning jewelry traditions and their collection at the museum.

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