Encouraging City-Wide Resiliency

The PSC advocates for policy and design that strengthens our community’s capacity to adapt and endure.


The PSC collaborates directly with our community partners to advance data-driven flood mitigation strategies, advocate for forward-thinking development, and support the diversity and livability of our city.

From supporting economic diversity in our commercial corridors to promoting comprehensive flood and storm mitigation, we must identify creative solutions to advance Charleston’s resilience. In the face of unprecedented challenges and change, Charleston should not survive, but thrive.  Our community’s success is predicated on balancing the needs of residents with the forces that test its resilience.



In the past few years, we have experienced all-time record high tide flooding. Indiscriminate development and haphazard planning continue to have impacts that range from inconvenience to catastrophe. If we do nothing, Charleston will experience 187 days of tidal flooding by 2045. We must do more to protect residents and neighborhoods.

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Zoning, land use, and design play an integral role in ensuring that Charleston remains a livable city for its residents. Affordable places to live, access to jobs and education, reliable public services, linkages to green spaces, multiple modes of transportation, appealing public spaces, enriching arts and culture, and inimitable character: these are what make a city great.

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Preservation allows us to ensure that the lessons of the historic city continue to inspire and inform. The challenge we face is to provide a pathway for Charleston to grow and evolve while maintaining its unique sense of place. Through our advocacy on issues of historic preservation, zoning, land use, and design, the PSC works to ensure that what is vibrant and irreplaceable about Charleston endures.

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Our work is integrative. We confer with experts in the field, survey residents, communicate directly with City Staff, research innovative practices, and collaborate with local coalitions. Through these efforts, the PSC advocates for the best in historic preservation and thoughtful urbanism in Charleston. Stand up with us.

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