The Nation’s First Preservation Organization

Serving as an advocacy leader for citizens concerned about preserving Charleston’s distinctive character, quality of life, and diverse neighborhoods.

What We Do

Preservation Society of Charleston Staff

  • Kristopher B. King Executive Director Email
  • Andy Archie Director of Retail Operations Email
  • Victoria (Futrell) Bock Manager of Operations and Communications Email
  • Anna-Catherine Carroll Manager of Preservation Initiatives Email
  • Susan Epstein Tours Manager Email
  • Johnathan Free Retail Associate Email
  • Jane McCullough Director of Advancement Email
  • Erin Minnigan Director of Historic Preservation Email
  • Virginia Swift Advancement Coordinator Email
  • Courtney W. Theis Manager of Advancement Email
  • Brian R. Turner Director of Advocacy Email
  • Joan Warder Tours Coordinator Email

Preservation Society of Charleston Board

Executive Committee

  • Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill, Chair
  • Elizabeth M. Hagood, Vice Chair
  • James C. Mabry IV, Treasurer
  • Cynthia Hartley, Secretary

Board Members

  • Mariana Hay Avant
  • J. Anderson Berly III
  • P. Steven Dopp
  • Philip H. Dufford
  • Walter Fiederowicz
  • Laura D. Gates
  • W. Andrew Gowder, Jr.
  • Harlan Greene
  • Ittriss Jenkins
  • Glenn F. Keyes
  • Virginia D. Lane
  • Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr.
  • John A. Massalon
  • Jenny Sanford McKay
  • Charles Sullivan
  • Debra Treyz
  • Sheila Wertimer


  • Lynn S. Hanlin
  • James R. McNab, Jr.
  • Daniel Ravenel
  • Sally J. Smith

Advisors Emeritus

  • Norman Haft
  • T. Hunter McEaddy
  • Anne P. Olsen
  • Helga Vogel
  • Jane O. Waring