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68th Carolopolis Awards: 2022 winners

preservation-admin , February 7, 2022

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Historic buildings and Charleston go together like peanut butter + jelly, but we all know how easily a PB+J can fall apart. After decades of hot summers, hurricanes, and even earthquakes, buildings get a little run down.

That’s where the Preservation Society of Charleston comes in. The society, founded in 1920, protects and advocates for historic properties in the Lowcountry. The organization created the Carolopolis Awards in 1953 to celebrate historic preservation, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Eleven winning projects were chosen this year for the 68th Carolopolis Awards. Before we dive in, let’s define the awards given out this year.

  • Pro Merito Award: Recognizes properties that received a Carolopolis award 20+ years ago and have maintained the restoration or have undergone a second exterior renovation.
  • Interior Award: Recognizes excellence in interior preservation of historic + accessible to the public buildings like churches and cultural centers.
  • Exterior Award: Recognizes outstanding rehabilitation, restoration, and preservation.

1 Water St.

Pro Merito Award 

1 Water St. before and after | Photos provided

Owner: Bernard and Denise Mansheim
Project Team: Julia F. Martin Architects, Morris Construction, Glen R. Gardner Landscape Architect, Caskie Engineering, Perryman Engineering, and Wolfe House & Building Movers

5 E. Battery

Pro Merito Award 

5 E. Battery St. before and after | Photos provided

Owner: Scott Bessent and John Freeman
Project Team: Glenn Keyes Architects, Richard Marks Restorations, 4SE Structural Engineers, Live Oak Consultants, and Perry Guillot Inc. Landscape Architecture

6 Judith St.

Pro Merito Award

6 Judith St. before and after | Photos provided

Owner: Glen R. Gardner
Project Team: 
Glen R. Gardner, Patrick Bradley, and Shaun O’Shea

42 South St.

Exterior Carolopolis Award

42 South St. before and after | Photos provided

Owner: William Easterlin, Mulberry Street Development
Project Team: William Jefferson, AAQ Construction Services

63 Anson St.

Pro Merito Award

63 Anson St. before and after | Photos provided

Owner: PIC Anson, LLC (Paul Picarazzi)
Project Team: Renew Urban Charleston and Daniel Beck Architecture

70 Tradd St.

Pro Merito Award

70 Tradd St. before and after | Photos provided

Owner: Daniel P. and Rebecca Herres
Project team: Fenno Architecture, Richard Marks Restorations, Bennett Preservation Engineering, Charleston Fireplace and Chimney Restoration, Charleston Awning and Metal Company, and Karl Beckwith Smith

90 E. Bay St.

Pro Merito Award

90 E Bay St. before and after | Photos provided

Owner: Eric A. Nofzinger
Project team: Artis Construction, Rosen & Associates, UpSouth LLC, and Elysa Lazar Design

195 Smith St.

Exterior Carolopolis Award

195 Smith St. before and after | Photos provided

Owner: Vicki Richardson
Project team: Rockwell Construction and b Studio Architecture

Brick House

Exterior Carolopolis Award

Brick House after | Photos provided

Owner: Brick House Trust LLC
Project team: Brick House Ruins Preservation, LLC, John Moore, Artis Construction, and Richard Marks Restorations

Charleston Visitor Center

Interior Carolopolis and Pro Merito awards

Charleston Visitor Center after | Photos provided

Owner: City of Charleston and Explore Charleston
Project team: Glenn Keyes Architects, Hood Construction, 4SE Structural Engineers, Live Oak Consultants, Healy Kohler Design, 1220 Exhibits, and Glen R. Gardner Landscape Architect

Quarters J

Exterior Carolopolis Award

Quarters J before and after | Photos provided

Owner: Charleston Naval Complex Redevelopment Authority
Project team: SMHa, Inc., S&ME, ADC Engineering, RMF Engineering, and Huss, Inc.

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