African American Cemeteries Restoration Project

Learn more about how you can support the collaborative effort to protect and maintain African American cemeteries in the Lowcountry.

About the Project

The Preservation Society of Charleston is a proud partner in the African American Cemeteries Restoration Project, an ongoing initiative to preserve and restore historic, African American burial grounds in the Lowcountry. Current partners in this effort include the International African American Museum, the Mayor’s Office of the City of Charleston, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Charleston.

There are numerous challenges to maintaining historic cemeteries that often lead to their gradual decline. From limited financial resources and waning descendant populations, to intensifying development pressures and climate risk, obstacles to cemetery preservation disproportionately impact historically Black burial grounds.

Throughout the Lowcountry, African American burial grounds are in need of documentation, repair, and long-term maintenance. The African American Cemeteries Restoration Project was launched in 2021 to galvanize community support to address these needs. You can offer your support by volunteering or making a donation to advance efforts to preserve historically significant African American burial sites in the Lowcountry.


Project Spotlight: Heriot Street Cemetery

Learn more about the history of the Heriot Street Cemetery and goals for engaging the community in preserving and interpreting this sacred space.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

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The fragmented and understudied national landscape of Black burial grounds is emblematic of the ongoing struggle toward racial justice in the United States. Each burial site is a significant place of remembrance that conveys important and painful truths in the American story. We are now challenged to recognize, protect, and maintain these sites before they are lost. Read more about how the PSC is working to contribute to this effort through other advocacy and preservation initiatives.