Preserving Charleston as a Living City

Preservation today is about honoring the living city — one that evolves to support the needs of the people who live and work here, while maintaining the elements that make it special. As preservationists, the PSC serves as a thought-leader and community organizer, ensuring that the lessons of the past inform the future of our city.

Since 1959

Historic Markers

Since 1959, the Preservation Society of Charleston has erected over 100 historic markers in Charleston’s Old and Historic District. The program began when the Preservation Society was asked by the Charleston Historical Commission, a city-sponsored organization responsible for the marking of important public facilities, to assist in recognizing noteworthy private residences by erecting historic markers. The purpose of the markers is to inform visitors and residents alike as to the historical background of the city.

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Since 1953

Carolopolis Award

The Carolopolis Awards seeks to promote excellence in historic preservation through recognition of exceptional projects that protect the historic resources of Charleston and the Lowcountry. After more than 1,400 awards given, the Carolopolis Award has become as much a part of the fabric of the city as the buildings it honors. Today, Charleston is a much different city than when the Preservation Society awarded its first Carolopolis in 1953. The demands of preservation in Charleston have expanded and with it so too has the Carolopolis Award program.

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Preservation Month

In celebration of National Preservation Month, the Preservation Society will embark on a series of unique events to educate and raise awareness about the importance of advocacy and historic preservation in Charleston. This year’s program offers something for everyone. Celebrate 100 years of preservation with us by viewing our recorded, virtual programs!


Seven to Save

Seven to Save is an outreach program designed to preserve vulnerable historic and cultural resources in the Charleston area through education and public awareness. Because each project poses unique challenges, we work toward creative solutions tailored to the specific issues at hand, often leading to collaboration with partners in the community.

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Thomas Mayhem Pinckney Alliance

In 2013, we established the Thomas Mayhem Pinckney Alliance to identify, recognize, and preserve not only the contributions of African Americans to the built environment of Charleston and the Lowcountry, but also those places that are significant to the African American experience.

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