Historic Markers

Since 1959, the Preservation Society’s Historic Markers Program has offered the general public opportunity to learn about Charleston’s significant buildings, structures, and objects, as well as outstanding events and people involved in local, state, and/or national history.

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Historic Markers Program Overview

Since 1959, the Preservation Society of Charleston (PSC) has erected over 100 local historic markers. The program began when the Preservation Society was asked by the Charleston Historical Commission to assist in recognizing noteworthy private residences and important public facilities by erecting historic markers.

The purpose of the markers was to “inform walking tourists and Charlestonians alike as to the historical background of the city.” One of the Preservation Society’s first markers was placed at the Miles Brewton House at 27 King Street, a National Historic Landmark, and the family home of PSC Founder Susan Pringle Frost. Today, the PSC’s Historic Markers Program serves as a platform to share Charleston’s rich architectural and cultural history with the public, building by building.