Preserving Charleston's Diverse Neighborhoods and Quality of Life

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SINCE 1920

Standing up for Charleston

In 1920, one determined woman, Susan Pringle Frost, rallied her neighbors and fought so that a house could escape demolition. In doing so, she created the preservation movement by focusing on education and advocacy, and harnessing the passion of the people who call Charleston home. 

The stand she took inspired the creation of the first grassroots preservation organization in the nation, the Preservation Society of Charleston. It has fueled every position we have taken for the citizens of Charleston. In 100 years of tireless work, we have discovered that the most effective way to ensure that Charleston retains its livability and authenticity is to fight for informed, community-first decisions. 

Charleston is changing, but it is not lost. Preservation today is about honoring the living city — one that evolves to support the needs of the people who live and work here, while maintaining the elements that make it special. As preservationists, the PSC serves as a thought-leader and community organizer, ensuring that the lessons of the past inform the future of our city.

Preservation is a Movement

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We’re dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of Charleston’s distinct character, quality of life, and diverse neighborhoods. Joining the Preservation Society of Charleston is the best way to support our work on Charleston’s growth and development.

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