Union Pier

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Attend Planning Commission meeting June 7

Planning Commission will hold its first official public hearing on Union Pier on June 7. The public is invited to attend and provide comments.

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Charleston neighborhoods added to America’s '11 Most Endangered' list

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'11 Most Endangered'

Take the Union Pier Community Survey

How do you want to see Union Pier redeveloped? We’re gathering input about what community members want to see on this site.

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A brief history of Union Pier

Union Pier’s extensive history, explained in an engaging, interactive format.

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Rediscovering Union Pier’s Historical Wharves and Their Cultural Impact

The massive 70-acre concrete slab that comprises present-day Union Pier might, at first glance,seem like a blank slate, but it has a rich, storied past.

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Union Pier’s Ecological Evolution

Charleston’s waterfront landscape has changed drastically since the city’s founding in 1670. The downtown peninsula, once home to a network of inlets, creeks, and marshland, was slowly filled to expand buildable land area along the Charleston Harbor and Cooper and Ashley rivers. 

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Upon Reclaimed Land