Standing Up Since 1920

Building on our past successes, we have developed a plan to defend our city from the impacts of over-tourism, over-development, and flooding … to safeguard its soul. We have the experience. We have the tenacity. And we have the record of persistence and success.

Advocacy Toolkit
SINCE 1920

Advocacy for Charleston

The Preservation Society of Charleston is dedicated to serving as a strong advocacy leader for preserving Charleston’s distinctive character, quality of life, and diverse neighborhoods. One of the most important aspects of our work is participating in public meetings – where decisions are made that affect not only Charleston’s historic districts but also how the built environment of the city at large takes shape and functions. PSC Advocacy Staff reviews projects on every public meeting agenda and works directly with municipal staff, elected officials, project teams, and residents regarding planning and zoning decisions, best practice in the preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings, and new construction to provide value-driven recommendations. Through these efforts, the PSC advocates for the best in historic preservation and thoughtful urbanism in Charleston.


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