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PSC Goes to Court on 295 Calhoun Case

preservation-admin , November 22, 2021

Rendering of 295 Calhoun Street, denied by the BAR August 25, 2021

On November 5, Circuit Court Judge Roger M. Young, Sr. heard the Preservation Society’s request to intervene in an appeal of a Board of Architectural Review (BAR) decision on 295 Calhoun. The developer objected to our intervention, claiming that the PSC did not meet the statutory standard under state law to intervene in the case. Unfortunately, we just learned Judge Young has sided with the developer and denied our request for intervention.

As we await a formal order and evaluate our options, we reflect on our day in court and take pride in standing up for our 101 years of advocacy in Charleston. As an organization representing the interest of over 1600 members, we have a unique interest in BAR decisions which adds strength to our legal position. We also have been able to highlight to the court the significant effort we made to guide the 295 Calhoun project in a positive direction, including the constructive comments we presented to the BAR and the numerous meetings we had with the developer.

This speaks to PSC’s established interest in being a committed community partner for improving proposals impacting our city, working weekly with architects, developers, and City staff. The project teams who collaborate with our skilled staff and the City process have earned our respect. We look forward to continue working alongside these design and development professionals who value Charleston’s uniqueness and want to set a nationwide example of quality building design within historic urban settings.

As this Thanksgiving week begins, and we wait to determine and share the next steps of 295 Calhoun with you, we reflect on our gratitude for your engagement on the issues that matter. The real difference-maker in the PSC’s advocacy work is YOU – members, volunteers, generous supporters, homeowners, email subscribers, and social media followers – everyone has a role to play in the preservation movement. We are grateful every day for your care and concern for this city, which we share in abundance, and we thank you for your engagement with and support of our work.

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