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Advocacy Update: St. Julian Devine Smokestacks

preservation-admin , October 8, 2020


Following two community meetings held earlier this week, Eastside residents and the preservation community showed up in force once again to advocate for the full preservation of the St. Julian Devine Community Center smokestacks.

Although the sense of urgency to demolish the structures has waned, the Mayor pushed the issue to a vote at next Tuesday’s City Council meeting. This is hasty decision-making, as the City anticipates receiving an updated structural assessment within the next two weeks. Additionally, the Mayor continues to reject the preservation community’s offer to fund a second engineer’s opinion. Together, this information could offer alternative solutions to save the smokestacks. Council needs to slow down and undertake the due diligence needed to make an informed decision. We continue to believe that if we work together, we can secure a positive outcome for the future of the smokestacks.

Please stand with the Eastside neighborhood and the PSC in telling Council to DEFER this decision.

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