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BAR-L Denies Major Multifamily Project on Upper Meeting

preservation-admin , July 29, 2021

Rendering of the proposed building, at the corner of Meeting and Stuart Streets

We are pleased to share that the Board of Architectural Review-Large (BAR-L) denied the request for a 6-story multifamily building and parking garage at 578 Meeting Street. The Board concurred with the PSC that the design could be characterized as “anywhere” architecture and made no attempt to relate to Charleston. Additionally, the proposal’s failure to sensitively integrate the historic Regis Milk façade was of primary concern. There was universal agreement the project did not properly respond to the BAR Principles, which call for new architecture to reflect the proportions, materials, and details that characterize Charleston’s historic building patterns, and the request for additional height based on architectural merit was clearly not warranted.

We commend the Board for rightly denying this project and holding the line on the quality of architecture Charleston’s historic district deserves. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on any future proposals for this site and how you can engage in the process.

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