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City Moves to Acquire 10 Concord

preservation-admin , December 15, 2021

Rendering of the proposed residence at 10 Concord Street, deferred from the November 23 BAR-S Agenda

At its November 23 meeting, Charleston City Council made a bold move to acquire the property at 10 Concord Street “by any and all legal means available.” Located near the southern end of Waterfront Park and occupied by a parking lot, the property was recently slated for a new residential project that drew significant concern from nearby residents and advocacy groups, including the PSC. City Council stepped in as the proposal was heading to BAR, after receiving staff-level zoning approval.

We are cautiously optimistic about the City’s commitment to acquire 10 Concord, a plan that could enhance community benefit through the opportunity to extend Waterfront Park, and also offer a more responsible, resilient solution for this property that is particularly vulnerable to increased flooding and rising sea levels. Click here to read more about 10 Concord in the Post & Courier.

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