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City Poised to Increase Staff for Architectural Review

preservation-admin , December 15, 2021

A recent site visit by BAR members to review removal of historic materials without approval. Issues like these could be prevented in the future with increased BAR enforcement staff.

City Council is currently considering a draft budget containing much-needed funding to add staff to support the City’s Board of Architectural Review (BAR). The Post & Courier editorial board has amplified the PSC’s call to support this staffing request, echoing our stance that better enforcement of BAR policy ensures fairness and supports the hard work of our volunteer board members.

Charleston is fortunate to have the BAR assist homeowners in honoring the craftsmanship of its built heritage. There is also growing awareness of the historic and cultural value of neighborhoods outside of Charleston’s historic core, particularly those north of Line Street where BAR purview has been strengthened in recent years. We are encouraged to see staff support prioritized in the draft budget to assist homeowners and foster greater awareness of the worth of these places to our community.

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