Mystique of Charleston Morning History Walk and Talk

Charleston was named after Charles II, known as the "Merry Monarch," and that DNA appears to have been ingrained in the city from its founding. Theatre, taverns, music, horse races, parties, and politics have all shaped Charleston into what it is today. Hear the stories that make Charleston uniquely mysterious and alluring. It has always […]

Behind the Scenes Master Architecture Tour

Charleston is one of the oldest cities in American and, thanks to its early adoption of historic preservation, it is the best preserved. A veritable architectural museum without walls, Charleston is home to thousands of historical buildings designed in any one of eight distinct period styles – from Colonial to Art Deco. Interpreted by experts […]

Exploring Charleston’s Neighborhoods: Harleston Village

Explore this early suburb of Charleston, originally developed in 1770, where the tree-lined streets are patriotically named for famous men of the Colonial period and later for heroes of the Revolution. The site of the College of Charleston and location of the first golf club in America, the Village of Harleston is a largely residential […]

South of Broad Piazzas and Gardens

            Guests will visit 4-6 private Piazzas and Gardens. No interiors are included. The area south of Broad Street is one of Charleston's most notable neighborhoods and boasts one of the finest residential areas of the country. It is located at the southernmost tip of the Peninsula and is bordered […]

ABCs of Charleston Morning History Walk and Talk

Designed for all ages, this walkabout is the perfect introduction to Charleston's remarkable architecture and how it reflects various periods in our history. It is created especially for families so the child in all of us can appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of our city. Your guide will identify the physical elements and characteristics of […]

Charleston Well Preserved Morning History Walk and Talk

From the ashes of the Civil War and Reconstruction rose a movement -- the first local, grassroots preservation movement in the country -- to safeguard Charleston's historic buildings, sites and structures. Meet notable preservationist visionaries, Susan Pringle Frost, Thomas Mayhem Pinckney, Albert Simmons, and others, and learn how their work has spanned generations and preserved […]

The Battery Piazzas and Gardens

  Guests will visit 4-6 private Piazzas and/or Gardens. No interiors are included. The original plans for Charles Town’s development did not include streets along this low-lying area today known as the Battery. Strolling along the Battery’s promenade takes you back in time since the area has hardly changed in the past few centuries. Today, […]