70th Carolopolis Awards

Presented by Carriage Properties & The Charleston Place

  • Venue / In-Person Tickets

    • How far in advance should I purchase my tickets?

      We recommend purchasing tickets as soon as they become available. While the Sottile Theatre is large, we have limited, socially-distanced seating options (see ‘In-Person Event Safety Guidelines’ section below). Tickets for Carolopolis typically sell out a couple of weeks before the event.

    • Can I buy my ticket in person?

      All tickets must be purchased in advance online.

    • Will my ticket be electronic?

      Yes. You will receive your electronic ticket via email immediately following your purchase. Bring your electronic ticket to the event on your phone and show it at the door.

    • How many people does the venue hold?

      While the Sottile Theatre holds more than 700 people, this event will be limited to 215, with patrons sitting more than 6 ft apart and masks required at all times.

    • What does the seating arrangement look like?

    • Do I pick where my party sits?

      Yes. When purchasing your tickets, please select seats that best fit the needs of your party.

    • My tickets are for seats 2 and 4, are those seated together?

      Yes. In the theatre, the seating is arranged with even-numbered tickets on one side and odd-numbered tickets on the other. If your string of seats is consecutive even or odd numbers, all your seats are in fact together!

  • In-Person Event Safety Guidelines

    • Where do I park?

      Several parking lots and on-street metered spaces are located near the Sottile Theatre. The closest parking garage is around the corner on St. Philip Street (34 St. Philip St. between George and Liberty streets). Some metered on-street parking is available on surrounding streets and is free after 6 PM on Monday-Saturday and all day on Sunday. Click here for a convenient map of downtown parking locations.

    • When do I arrive?

      Ticketholders will be notified of their arrival time in advance of the event.

    • General Health and Safety

      All employees, patrons and clients will be required to adhere to the City of Charleston’s and the College’s requirements for face coverings and social distancing as well as CDC and SCDHEC guidance. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or who is feeling ill should not come to the Theatre. In order to encourage and enforce safety protocols the Theatre has implemented the following measures:

      Social Distancing and PPE:

      • Per the CDC, masks and social distancing are the best way to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
      • Masks will be required for everyone while inside the Theatre – during all rehearsals, recordings, and performances.
      • Personnel will wear masks at all times and are trained to manage movement of patrons, such as ushering customers to seats and preventing congregation in public areas.
      • Stanchions and directional signage have been placed throughout the building to encourage social distancing.


      • Frequent handwashing with soap is vital to combating the spread of any virus.
      • Hand sanitizer stations have been placed at all entrances and throughout the Theatre and should be used frequently though not as a substitute for handwashing.
      • Handwashing signage and capacity limit signage has been added in all restrooms.
      • Personnel should wash their hands for twenty seconds as often as possible and dry thoroughly with a disposable towel. Handwashing should also be practiced before and after each shift break, restroom use, sneezing, touching their face, etc.

      Temperature Screening:

      • Personnel, volunteers, and visitors should take their temperatures at home prior to coming into the Theatre.
      • If personnel is not feeling well for any reason and/or has a temperature at or higher than 100.4, they are required to stay home. Likewise, patrons are asked to stay home if they are unwell or register a temperature at or higher than 100.4.
      • Temperature screenings may be required in order to enter the building. Personnel or volunteers administering screenings will wear PPE and maintain a safe distance.
    • Venue Sanitation

      The Theatre has implemented an enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocol. General cleaning and sanitization of common touch surfaces will be done throughout the day and particularly before, during, and after an event. These areas include but are not limited to:

      Public Areas:

      • Door handles, stair handrails, push plates
      • Elevator buttons and surfaces within the elevators
      • Reception desks and ticket counter surfaces
      • Telephones, point of sale terminals, other keypads
      • Trash receptacles touch points


      • Door handles and push plates
      • Sink faucets and counter surfaces
      • Lids of containers for disposal of women sanitary products
      • Soap dispensers and towel dispenser handles
      • Trash receptacle touch points
    • Front of House Procedures

      Common Spaces & Lobby Congregation

      • Patrons may be directed to specific entry doors upon arrival to control crowd movement.
      • All public furniture has been removed from lobby spaces and congregating in common areas is discouraged.
      • The House will be open for seating at the same time as the lobby opens and patrons will be asked to move directly to their seats.
      • Additional signage and floor markings have been added to public lobby spaces to reinforce social distancing.
      • Hand sanitizing stations have been placed at the front doors, restrooms, and throughout the building.
      • Patrons will be required to wear a face mask the entire time they are in the building. If a patron does not have a face mask, a disposable mask will be provided by the Theatre.


      Ingress/Egress & Seating

      • A revised seat map that adheres to capacity restrictions and social distancing between patron groups is in place
      • Each group will be led to their seats by an usher who will ensure they are seated with the least interaction with other groups.
      • The elevator will be reserved for any patrons who have a mobile disability.
      • Staggered exit times will be coordinated and managed by the Sottile personnel depending on the audience size, and as needed. The house right door (exiting onto George St) will be open for exit and will be directed by PA announcements from the tech booth.
      • Patrons will not be allowed to congregate in shared lobby spaces post performances. Backstage access will not be permitted to patrons or friends/family of performers. Likewise, performers must remain backstage and may not be in any front of house areas while patrons are in the building.

      **In the case of an emergency egress, the goal of maintaining six feet social distance will become secondary if there is a clear and imminent danger that requires an emergency evacuation. Moving patrons away from the most urgent hazard will be of primary importance.

      Disability Accommodations

      Proper accommodations will be provided by Sottile while also keeping in mind the latest health guidelines.

      • Assisted Listening Devices (ALD’s) will continue to be available to patrons via the Sottile front desk. All equipment will be properly sanitized before and after use.
      • Accessible seating: Accessible seating with a companion seat will still be available in the revised seating plan.
      • Accessible ingress/egress: The elevator from orchestra level to street level will remain in use and will be restricted to patrons with disabilities. The lobby elevator must be operated by a Sottile personnel member so there will only be one patron allowed in the elevator at a time.


      The Theatre will extend intermission times from 20 minutes to 30 minutes and for some events may not include an intermission at all. In the event a patron leaves the theatre during a performance, he or she will need to exit by the aisle closest to their seat and return the same way. The patron must be mindful of congregating in lobby spaces and/or restroom areas.

  • Live-Stream Tickets

    • How do I buy a live-stream ticket?

      Visit our live-stream event website here and register with your name, email, and method of payment.

    • Do I have to pay to watch the live-streamed performance?

      Live-stream viewings of our signature fundraiser are $20 per viewing screen. You can purchase access to our live-stream event here. 

    • How far in advance do I have to purchase the live-stream tickets?

      You can purchase live-stream tickets up until the start of the event on January 21, 2021, at 7:00 PM.

    • What time does the live-stream begin?

      The live-stream will begin when the event begins on January 21, 2021, at 7:00 PM.

    • What is the play-back ability to re-watch the live-streamed event?

      As a live-stream ticket holder will be able to view the event on January 21, 2021, at 7:00 PM until it ends at about 8:30 PM.

    • On what devices can I watch a live-streamed performance?

      The live-streamed performance is able to be viewed on all mobile/computer devices and mirrored to personal televisions if your systems allow.

  • Miscellaneous Information

    • Smoking Policy:

      The Sottile Theatre is a non-smoking establishment, as is the College of Charleston campus.

    • Camera/Recording Policy:

      Federal copyright laws prohibit the use of cameras or other recording devices, though some events may allow limited photography. No large cameras or removable lenses are ever allowed without prior permission, and we never allow flash photography of any kind.

    • Cell Phones:

      Cell phones are allowed in the Theatre, but as a courtesy to artists and other patrons, we ask that you please turn your phones off during performances.

    • Food and beverage:

      Food and drinks are not allowed.

    • Does the venue sell food and beverages? Does the venue sell alcohol?

      No – not at this time due to COVID-19.