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Preservation Society intervention granted in 295 Calhoun St. lawsuit

preservation-admin , November 22, 2023

We have big news about 295 Calhoun Street: Last week, a state judge granted the Preservation Society’s request to participate in the ongoing legal appeal over designs denied by the Board of Architectural Review four times in the past two years.

The Preservation Society has repeatedly opposed proposals by this developer-owner for an overly massive building that’s out of context with the historic Harleston Village neighborhood. We’re standing up for Charleston, as we’ve done for over 100 years. It’s why we filed our motion to intervene in the case, and it’s why a Circuit Court judge granted our request. 

This is a big win for preservation in Charleston. With member support from people like you, we have a seat at the table to ensure transparency as a developer tries to litigate its way to approval after being denied by the BAR.

Learn more about the news in this post on social media today:

What we’ve seen at 295 Calhoun is just the latest in a trend of developers attempting to sue the city when they encounter roadblocks, hoping to strong-arm their way to a closed-door settlement that clears the way for development.

Instead, PSC will work alongside the City of Charleston to uphold the preservation ordinance that has helped maintain our city’s historic integrity for almost a century.

We must all remain vigilant about projects like these that threaten Charleston’s unique sense of place. Thank you for your support in this fight, we could not do it without you.

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