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Preservation Society of Charleston urges public to weigh in on City Plan

preservation-admin , March 30, 2021

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The City of Charleston wants the public’s feedback on its next citywide comprehensive plan. Leaders said it’s the second week of a five-week engagement period where the public can weigh in.

Beginning in April, people can go to the Gaillard Center in downtown Charleston every Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to give feedback on the ten-year comprehensive plan. It’s just one of the many ways people can get involved in the city’s future.

Christopher Morgan, City Planning Manager for the City of Charleston, said, “We know that sea level is rising. We know that storms are getting stronger.”

Morgan said the “Charleston City Plan” takes a look at what’s ahead.

“Trying to deal with those issues, but keep Charleston a thriving city. Keep it a city that’s great to live in, keep it a city that is really sustainable,” Morgan said.

City leaders said they are in the plan’s draft stages. The Preservation Society of Charleston said it’s important for everyone to get involved.

“The City’s comprehensive plan is Charleston’s most important visioning document that guides everyday decision making,” Anna Catherine Carroll, Manager of Preservation Initiatives, said.

Officials with the Preservation Society of Charleston explained some of the issues it’s looking at.

“We continue to see elevation requests coming in for historic buildings. So, it’s a continual conversation on how to handle historic resources impacted by water,” Erin Minnigan, Director of Historic Preservation said.

The group worked closely with the city on the comprehensive plan. They believe preservation and planning go hand-in-hand.

“We have a major sea wall infrastructure project plan that directly impacts our most significant historic resource, which is our landmark district, and our historic district downtown,” Minnigan said.

Charleston City leaders said several issues impacting everyday life will be addressed.

“We are working very hard to come up with a plan that will help us deal with that and make sure that development occurs in the city, that is placed in areas that are safest from the water, and make the most from a city planning standpoint,” Morgan said.

City officials said the plan will become public once it’s ready for the planning commission. But, first, it’s the public’s turn to weigh in. The city plan is required by the State of South Carolina. The last one was approved by Charleston City Council in 2011.

There will be a virtual city plan feedback session on Wednesday night from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. where water and land use analysis will be discussed.

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