Union Pier

The roughly 74-acre Union Pier site extending from Laurens Street to Waterfront Park lies at a critical juncture between the Cooper River and downtown. As one of the most significant redevelopment opportunities in Charleston’s history, this project, if approached with vision and care, can bring enormous value to our historic city. As one of the most highly anticipated land use plans of our generation, it is critical to get right.

The Union Pier redevelopment is a virtual blank slate for the City to partner with the State Ports Authority on innovative methods that not only minimize flood risk but dramatically improve overall resilience of the peninsula. A successful project will utilize techniques like water storage, wetlands restoration, state-of-the-art stormwater management techniques, and use natural components and permeable surfaces to create a functional, sustainable development. The end goal should be for Charleston to set a new international standard for climate resilience and urban waterfront design.


Bennett Rice Mill Façade

2010 Concept Plan by the State Ports Authority