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Tourism Management: Citizen Carriage Safety Ordinance

preservation-admin , September 1, 2020

As an active participant of the City of Charleston Tourism Management Plan Update, the Preservation Society applauds the City for its effort to enhance the safety of the city’s carriage industry. Downtown Charleston today is considerably more active and congested than it has ever been, and it is clearly time to consider an improved safety ordinance. The Preservation Society supports the Citizen Carriage Safety Ordinance proposed by Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates, which proposes important and common-sense safeguards that will help ensure the safety of the animals, patrons, operators, and citizens.

In Fall 2019, the Society hosted Elizabeth Becker, award winning author of Overbooked, The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism, as our keynote speaker at our 99th Annual Meeting. Ms. Becker spoke on how the most successful destinations have shifted to a more sustainable approach to tourism. She highlighted that the key to success is strong municipal leadership and their commitment to improved tourism management.

The hospitality industry needs the support of the community now more than ever. But as the industry rebounds, we urge the City to embrace sustainable tourism practices that support this important economic engine, while ensuring that Charleston remains a great place to live and work. The Society believes tourism management does not equate to anti-tourism, but stronger regulations, oversight, and enforcement, and the proposed Citizen Carriage Safety Ordinance is a step in the right direction.

Review the draft Citizen Carriage Safety Ordinance proposed by Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates.

Review the City of Charleston Tourism Management Plan, updated in 2015 here.

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