PSC Centennial Campaign Donors

We would like to thank the many families, friends, and organizations who have already supported our campaign and have inspired us in so many ways. Thank you for standing with us to secure a better future for Charleston.

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Preservation Society of Charleston Centennial Campaign Donors

As of December 20, 2020




David and Martie Adams

Dr. and Mrs. William C. Aldrich

Jill and Richard Almeida

Ms. Regina Anderson and Mr. Christian Brutzer

The Summer and Clyde Anderson Foundation

Ms. Sonya O’Malley and Dr. Bartley Antine

Ms. Mary Jo Armbrust

Lyn and Paul Attaway

Mr. Lamar Bailes

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barkley

Kristin and Niles Barlow

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. John Barter

Ms. Susan Bass and Mr. Tom Bradford

Beau Clowney Architects

Ms. Regina Bell

Mr. and Mrs. William Bell

Adelaida and Edward Bennett

Anderson Berly and Eveline A. (Dede) Waring, M.D.

Mrs. R. E. Berretta

The Bessent-Freeman Family Foundation

Betty and James K. Stone Foundation

The Henry M. Blackmer Foundation

The Boatwright Family Charitable Fund

Ms. Catherine Braxton

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Brenizer

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Brush

Mark and Judith Buono Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John Burkel

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Burtschy

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Burtschy

Bush/Schwarzman Fund at Schwab Charitable

Ms. Leah A. Buttry

The John T. and Elizabeth Cahill Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC

Ms. Ella Cahill

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cahill

Mr. John W. H. Cahill

Mr. and Mrs. William Cahill

Mr. Thomas Kirkland Cahill

Mrs. Laura W. Cantopher

Mr. Bob Carroll and Ms. Kathleen Rivers

The Ceres Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Charles Edwin Chase

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Coen

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Coit

Dr. Joel Cotton and Mrs. Elaine Cotton

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Crnkovich

Croghan’s Jewel Box

Mr. Leon Darby

Jill Davidge

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. DeKornfeld

Ms. Beti Derbyshire

Mr. and Mrs. Charlton deSaussure, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlton deSaussure III

Ms. Ann Dibble

Gary and Susan DiCamillo

Mrs. Susan Dickson

Patrick and Ann Marie Dolan Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable

Sarah Lund Donnem

Steven and Wendy M. Dopp

John and Francie Downing

Sallie and Charles Duell

Dufford Young Architects

Ms. Lisa Early

Elizabeth Tarrant Anderson Endowment For Children of Coastal Community Foundation of SC

Anne and Dan Ervin

Ms. Phyllis W. Ewing

Mr. Giovanni Favretti

Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Fiederowicz

Mr. Peter Finnerty in memory of Mrs. Caroline Pinckney Simons Finnerty

Henry and Lurline Fishburne, Jr.

Carol H. Fishman

Mr. and Mrs. John Flanigan

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fort

Mr. and Mrs. J. David Fraley

Frampton Family Charitable

Mr. and Mrs. W. Foster Gaillard

Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Galvani

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Gaston, Jr.

Laura D. Gates

George and Pooh Gephart

Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Gilbreth

Mr. and Mrs. Kent Goetjen

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Goschy, Jr.

Andrew, Jr. and Melinda T. Gowder

Linda Greenberg Landscape & Design

Harlan Greene and Jonathan Ray

Cathy and Harry Gregorie

Ms. Amanda Griffith

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Grubb, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. D. Maybank Hagood

Mrs. Mary E.S. Hanahan

Lynn S. Hanlin

The Edwin and Ellen Harley Fund

Cindy and George Hartley

Fleetwood and Elizabeth Hassell

Ms. Susan Hatfield-Green and Mr. Bob Green

Frank and Kristi Haygood

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Herres

Ann and Lee Higdon

Marilynn and John Hill

Hillenbrand Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Horan

Mr. and Mrs. Ozey K. Horton, Jr.

Householder Family Trust

Mr. J. Shannon Hurley

Mary Pope Hutson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hutson, Jr.

Mrs. Martha Rivers Ingram

Mrs. Frederick Iselin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Jackson

Mr. Steven D. Jackson

Ms. Donna Jacobs

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P. Jenkins III

Wayne and Carolyn Jones Charitable Foundation

Mrs. P. Frederick Kahn

Glenn and Cyndy Keyes

Kristopher B. King

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kirkland, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Knapp

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Koozer

Drs. John and Ann Kulze

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glover Lane

Mills Bee Lane Memorial Foundation

Lois Lane and David Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Levengood

Elizabeth C. Rivers Lewine Endowment of Coastal Community Foundation of SC

The Lasca and Richard Lilly Fund

Dr. and Mrs. I. Grier Linton, Jr.

Robert and Sara Karrer

Ms. Gabrielle H.  Manigault

Mrs. Peter Manigault

Mr. Pierre Manigault

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Martin, Jr.

Abby and John Massalon

Mrs. Helen Maybank

Mr.* and Mrs. David Maybank, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David Maybank III

Jane and Alton McCullough

Dr. and Mrs. Layton L. McCurdy

Ms. Carol McDonnell

Mr. and Mrs. T. Hunter McEaddy

Heather McFarlin

Jenny and Andy McKay

Mr. Fred McKinney

Mike and Jane McLain

Mr. James McMahan

Mr. and Mrs. James R. McNab, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry N. Middleton

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Midla

Caroline Rennolds Milbank

JM Foundation

Ms. Joy Millar

Mr. John Franklin Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Montgomery

Mr. and Mrs. Tyre H.  Moore

Mount Holly Associates, LLC

Ms. Ronda Muir

Jill and Lorenzo Muti

Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Neihardt

Cheri and Mark Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Novello

Dennis and Margaret Hawk O’Brien

Olsen Family Fund of Coastal Community Foundation of SC

Ms. Barbara Pace

Caroline and Kurt Palmer

Ms. Francess Palmer

Alex and Ann Pappas

Horry Parker

Dr. and Mrs. Telfair Parker

The Pathfinder Foundation, Inc.

Patrick Family Foundation

Mr. Charles and Dr. Celeste Patrick

Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Paul

Susan Pearlstine

Ms. Kathy Pease

Mrs. Felix Pelzer

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Perreault

Mrs. Patsy K. Pettus

Philip P. and Sandra T. Vineyard Foundation

The Post and Courier Foundation in honor and appreciation of Susan Pringle Frost and Mary Pringle Hamilton Manigault

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Prezzano

Dr. and Mrs. Philip G. Prioleau

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Prioleau

Caroline M. Ragsdale

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ravenel, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Hal Ravenel

Ms. Karen Colwell Reid and Mr. Shannon Reid

Rhode Construction Co., Inc

Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm M. Rhodes

Dr. and Mrs. J.T. Richards

Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Richards

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffery H. Richardson

Mrs. Carroll W. Rivers

Mr. John M. Rivers, Jr.

Rosen & Associates, Inc.

Ms. Kathryn Salmanowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Salmons, Jr.

Mrs. Jane Lucas Thornhill Schachte and Mr. Joseph W. Schachte

Alison and Tom Schneider

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Schwab

Ms. Elizabeth W. Settle

Mr. John G. Simms, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Simons III

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Simons

Mrs. Kim Slater

Mr. and Mrs. Everett L. Smith, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Park B. Smith, Jr.

Sally J. Smith

Mr. Van Smith

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Smyth, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Spell

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Martin Sprock III

Mr. and Mrs. Randell C. Stoney, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stusnick

Charles and Elizabeth Sullivan

Ms. Pat Sullivan

Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Summerall III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sutherland

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sutylo

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Swain

Mr. and Mrs. Alec Taylor

Alice S. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Rowan Taylor

Mr. Scott Taylor

The Baldwin Foundation

The Bank of South Carolina

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Thompson

Lawrence Owen Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Reid Tomlin

Debra B. and James O. Treyz

Perry and Louisa Trouche

Dr. Jane Tyler

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Urquhart

Mrs. Helga K. Vogel

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Hastings Walker

Ms. Mary Walters

Charles, Dede, and Laura Waring in honor of Jane O. Waring

Mrs. Charles W. Waring, Jr.

Mrs. Keith Sears Wellin (Wendy C.H. Wellin)

Wertimer and Cline

Sheila Wertimer and Gary Gruca

David & Ann Westerlund AMG Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Wetzel

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Willett

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Ridley Wills III

Richard Wilson and David Trachtenberg

Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop

Dr. and Mrs. D. Reid Wiseman

Ms. Margaret Woodruff

Capt. and Mrs. Richard Wright

Mr. and Mrs. J. Rutledge Young III

Rutledge and Kathleen Young

Mr. and Mrs. Stephan D. Zacharkiw

 All efforts have been made to correctly list donations. If an error has been made, please accept our sincerest apologies and contact Jane McCullough, Director of Advancement.