Kelly Vicario – Biography

preservation-admin , February 1, 2022

Growing up in the Upstate, Kelly experienced firsthand the impacts on her hometown Seneca from the growth of nearby Clemson, and that’s how she began to value historic preservation and strategic community planning. Kelly earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of South Carolina, and recently completed a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the College of Charleston, which brought her to the Lowcountry. About Charleston, Kelly enthusiastically says: “I found the place where I belong and where I want to make an impact.” As a graduate student, Kelly was granted an opportunity to be a part of the Community Assistance Program at the College, a community outreach effort that provides high-level strategies and solutions to nonprofit and municipal organizations. Through her work with Bluffton Self-help, she learned to bridge the gap between community members and the organization, and saw how meaningful conversations with citizens brought more support to the non-profit’s mission. In her role as Community Outreach Coordinator, Kelly is excited to broaden the PSC’s geographic and demographic reach within the Charleston region

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