Master Photography Series

Led by professional photography instructor Richard Spencer, this walkabout takes you first into the heart of Charleston's own French Quarter and then to the south of Broad Street to snap […]

King Street Piazzas and Gardens

  Guests will visit 4-6 private Piazzas and/or Gardens. No interiors are included. The original plans for Charles Town’s development did not include streets along this low-lying area today known […]

Charleston Well Preserved Morning History Walk and Talk

From the ashes of the Civil War and Reconstruction rose a movement -- the first local, grassroots preservation movement in the country -- to safeguard Charleston's historic buildings, sites and […]

Haunted Charleston Morning History Walk and Talk

In a place known for Southern hospitality, it's no surprise that some residents want to linger... even after death. Charleston's history has more than its share of pirates, brothels, bloody […]

Church Street Piazzas and Gardens

  Guests will visit 4-6 private Piazzas and Gardens. No interiors are included.  Church Street was established as one of the original streets in the Grand Modell, the earliest plan […]

Charleston Master Garden Tour

Charleston gardens have been internationally renowned since the 1700s. This tour has guests digging deeper into what makes Charleston gardens so unique. From the interesting and largely sub-tropical plant material […]

Mystique of Charleston Morning History Walk and Talk

Charleston was named after Charles II, known as the "Merry Monarch," and that DNA appears to have been ingrained in the city from its founding. Theatre, taverns, music, horse races, […]

Behind the Scenes Master Architecture Tour

Charleston is one of the oldest and architecturally significant cities in America and, thanks to its early adoption of historic preservation, it is considered the best preserved -- a veritable […]

Exploring Charleston’s Neighborhoods: French Quarter

Take a morning stroll through America's first French Quarter, located within the original walled Charles Towne.  Named for the French Protestants who began arriving in 1680, this area is home […]